Entry Instructions and Copyrights


The entry can be ANY WORK, ANY SIZE, ANY FORMAT that responds to the theme.  
PREFERED FILE TYPE:  pdf, gif, jpg, png, mp4, wmv, avi, wav, mp3, txt. 

The maximum size for email attachment is 25MB.    Entries over 25MB and up to 500MB should be sent via transfer programs or uploaded online with a link provided for viewing and download by ICARCH.  

For static visual work, PDF format is preferred.   Remember,  your work will be viewed online, not in large format printing.   When we do gallery exhibitions, we will contact creators for better files.

 The entry should be one file with the following on the first page or video introduction (See examples)

  • Competition Title, ICARCH, 2022
  • Your project title, if any, and
  • Entrant(s) name(s) / company name
The text should be modest in scale.  For multi-page files, include the same in the bottom left-hand corner in 12 pt. 
For audio files, may or may not add an audio introduction with the same information.  Not required.

All explanatory texts, titles and entrant names must be in English.  Names of entrants may also be shown in non-Latin characters and/or a second language. 



All entries should attach a separate square jpeg image between 300K and 1MB.  This image will used by ICARCH in a gallery webpage and in social media. The image should reflex a key attribute of your entry that can be read easily on a smart phone.   DO NOT include your personal or company name in the jpeg nor the competition title.   


Any text inside the entry should be copied into a .txt, .doc/docx or .rtf file and sent with the entry.  The text may be used for posting with your entry, media requests and future publications.   The file or a second file may include a translation into your native language.   

Musicians with lyrics in the entry should include a file with the lyrics.


  • The main entry should be named "Your Last Name in all uppercase and your First Name in all lowercase" (Or Company Name) then a dash and then "Hendrix2022" and then "-entry." For example:  LASTNAMEfirstname-CompetitionNameYEAR-entry.pdf
  • The square jpeg should be as above with the "-sq" added.  For Example:   LASTNAMEfirstname-CompetitionNameYEAR-sq.jpg
  • The file with text should be as above with the "-text" added.  For Example: LASTNAMEfirstname-CompetitionNameYEAR-text.txt or .doc/docx
    (See Examples)

DELIVERY:   works@icarch.org

Before 12 midnight on Howland island (-12 Time Zone) for the published due date, send an email to "works@icarch.org" with the attached square jpeg, the file with entry text and the actual entry file when smaller than 25MB or the link for larger files.  Link or file transfer apps include WeTransfer, Send Anywhere, Google Drive, DropBox, Soundcloud, etc.

Subject Line:  Competition Title and Your Name/Company Name  (See Examples)

In Email Text

  • Title of Entry
  • Media of Entry
  • Name(s)* of entrant, company if applicable
  • Primary artistic discipline related to your entry:  architect, musician, filmmaker, visual artist, poet, etc.*
  • Physical address with street address, city, state or province, postal code, country
  • Digital address and information including email(s)*, website* if available, Instagram handle and other key social media for your work.*
    * If a team, you may include the discipline, email, website and Instagram for each member.    


The copyright of all or part of the entry belongs to the creator.  The creator grants to ICARCH, INC, a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida, USA, the right to publish and distribute all or part of the entry for non-profit purposes including online postings at ICARCH websites and social media, press releases to other media, ICARCH print publications and exhibition displays.   ICARCH will credit the creator in all its publications and distributions.  ICARCH will post or distribution the works with the Creative Commons license "Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)" which allows publication in for-profit organizations but does not permit alternation or remix.  If you wish a more restrictive Creative Commons license, then required it in the email text.   https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/


ICARCH, INC, will not sell nor provide to others its database of entrants nor newsletter list.  


As ICARCH wishes to post entries to common social media sites, please consider their content restrictions including the use of copyrighted music on videos.  

Entries will be rejected if ICARCH or the jury cannot determine the relevance of the entry to the competition.

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