I C A R C H         International Competitions in Architecture

New ICARCH Competitions 

I C A R C H frequently releases competitions for houses and ideas to enhance the international dialogue on the narrative reality in all architecture, art and culture.   Click here for details.  

Current Competitions

1. A Post-Anthropocene Tower on the Chicago Tribune Centennial
2. The House of Time for Marcel Proust
3.  A House for Jimi HendrixA House for Free Feeling.  
4.  The House of Toxic Masculinity
5.  A House for Lebbeus Woods
6.  A(nother) House for Achilles  House of Peace, Snake Island, Ukraine    

New ZOOM Lectures on Architects

Every week or more often Dan Coma lectures on architects to celebrate them on their birthdays or anniversaries of their deaths.  Click to sign up for email notification of lectures 

New Non-Profit for ICARCH, INC.

After 20 years, I C A R C H has established a new non-profit organization registered in the United States. ICARCH, INC is incorporated and as a non-profit in the State of Florida and registered in Florida as a charity to accept donations.  When the USA federal registration is issued in early 2023, the donations will be tax-deductible for American taxpayers.  The ICARCH, INC board, advisors and volunteers encourage donations to maintain the I C A R C H values and programs.  Donate here.


Since 2002, I C A R C H has organized xx competitions for houses dedicated to people and their creativity.  Click here to see the competitions of the old website:  ICARCH.US

LINK to all ZOOM Lectures on Architecture

The lectures on architects by Dan Coma are available on YouTube at  

 I C A R C H   

I C A R C H was founded by Dan Coma in 2002 as the International Competitions in Architecture.  Coma was born in Sibiu, Romania in 1954, educated as an architect in Bucharest and then emigrated to the United States in 1981.  After success with his conceptual architectural projects in the USA, he returned to Romania.  Coma imagined and wrote all  I C A R C H  competition challenges.

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