The House of Time
The 100th Anniversary of Marcel Proust's Death

This year there will be 100 years since Marcel Proust died.

Yes, the author of A la recherché du Temps Perdu

Vito Acconci said that architecture is not about space, but about time.

What if he was right ?

We ask you to imagine THE HOUSE OF TIME.

Mythologically, we know of several gods of time: Chronos, Kairos and the enigmatic Aion, the Mithraic god of eternal time.

Imagine the quintessential House of Time, one that embodies an intense and creative expression of Architecture & Time.

Proust talked about the lost time… what about the lost space ?

Was Philip Johnson right when, humorously, he said that architecture is the art of losing space ?

Maybe he said something worth reflecting on.

Let’s read Proust and let’s imagine THE HOUSE OF TIME, lost, or gained, or both.

Let’s intertwine Time with Space… thus create that twoness from which all sprang.

Time & Space…

Lost and gained.

For this life, on earth.

In what way could Time animate architecture ? Or is it independent of our will ?

It is very possible.

And is Time related to Nostalgia ?

Is Time related to Ruin ?

Is Time related to dissolution ?

Is Time related to Memory ?

Is Time related to Death ?

Could Death inform and thus nourish Life ?

Is everything on this earth transient, circumstantial ?

Is everything on this earth a mere reflection ?

We ask you to design THE HOUSE OF TIME.

And thus to honor Marcel Proust, on the year of his centennial of his death.


We accept WORK in ANY size and MANY formats that responds to the theme.  



October 1, 2022
Register for Competition.  Click Here.
November 18, 2022
Submission of Work.   ICARCH posts Work Online.
December 1, 2022

Zoom Dialogue about the House of Time


Engagement with alternative creators and thinkers in architecture worldwide
Zoom presentation of your work and dialogue with others including ICARCH invited guests.
Work posted on for many years.
Zoom dialogue posted on YouTube.
Inclusion of your name as a participant in international press releases from ICARCH.
Possible selection of your work for the 2023 ICARCH publication on 20 years of Competitions.


At the moment, ICARCH does not provide cash prizes nor require entry fees.
Dan Coma with Proust experts will select "best of" entries for posting online and press releases.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you.


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